Food Delivery System

Portable Conveyor

Portable Conveyor

The portable sushi conveyor belt is the solution to making events a fun and exciting time. No tools are required to set up the lightweight and customizable portable belt. Perfect for exhibitions, conventions, parties, celebrations, and other similar events, you’ll be able to bring the excitement of kaiten sushi to your customers.

Portable Kaiten Experience

Easy Assembly

Setting up is easy, no tools required.


The length can be adjusted to accommodate the size of the event.


Can be carried into events and set up within 5 minutes.

Event Friendly

Light and portable, bringing a restaurant experience to your customers.

See how it works

Visual Examples

Below you will find some illustrations of different types, their specifications and the carrying cases.


Portable conveyor belts are made up of a minimum of three parts, the motor unit, tension unit, and rail unit. Assembling the units is very simple, as the belt locks in and the units snap together. You can easily set up a restaurant experience in less than five minutes.

Example Setup

Multiple rail units can be added to the system between the motor and tension unit to extend the length of the conveyor belt, allowing you to serve more customers. You can adapt the length of your conveyor belt to the size of the event to a maximum of 18ft. Surprise your guests with the kaiten sushi experience at their event.

Carrying Cases

The units are light and easily transported by hand in their individual carrying cases. The cases keep the units safe while in transport, making it simple for you to bring them to your next event. The cases are also color coded and properly labeled for your convenience.

Innovating the Restaurant Industry

Fast, reliable, and efficient. The soooshi food delivery system is a new and innovative way to operating a restaurant that helps workers provide better service and keeps customers coming back. Streamline your restaurant’s workflow and serve more customers using an express delivery line!

Efficient Workflow

Streamlines the food ordering and delivery process so customers spend less time waiting for food!

Express Delivery

Sends food directly to the customer’s table while it’s still fresh and hot!

Reliable Transportation

Capable of carrying up to 4kg safely and reliably without spilling a drop!

Sleek & Modern Design

A beautiful exterior makes your restaurant look modern and takes it to the next stage in the industry!

New & Fun Concept

A new style of restaurant interaction for everyone to enjoy and have fun!

Improved Service

Relieves your workers the stress of bussing tables allowing them to focus on providing quality service!

Better Workers

Helps you save time and money on labour by training and retaining skilled workers!

Reduces Human Error

Cuts down on the chance of accidents occurring on the restaurant floor!

Watch Video

Click to watch kakoh kitanihon's official introduction video for portable conveyor belt systems.