Ishino Group


Who We Are

Ishino Group, is an innovative leader in the food conveyor belt industry having supplied over 7,000 restaurants domestically and internationally within the past 45 years. Working hand in hand with restaurants to bring them to prosperity, they guarantee high quality products to help make your business a success. As the first company to design food conveyor belts with monorails and express lanes, no other food conveyor belt company has as much experience as Ishino Group.

Ishino Group Japan

Number 1 Market Share
+20 Countires
+45 Years of Experience
+7000 Units Installed

Company History
In a glance

February 1971

Establishment of
Ishino Group Japan, Ltd.

April 1974

Production and sales of the patented practical model of the “Sushi Conveyor with an Automatic Tea Serving Machine” and the “Automatic Dishwasher”.

September 1980

First export of the Sushi Conveyor to Honolulu.

October 1981

Construction of the new factory in Mattou, Ishikawa (presently Hakusan).

March 2000

Sale of the Chainless Conveyor.

April 2001

Sale of the Time Management System. - November; Obtained ISO9001.

June 2003

Registration of NSF Certification for Sushi Conveyor. - July; Obtained ISO9001, 2000 version.

May 2007

Sale of the “Product Control System”