What Is Kaiten Sushi?

A new Japanese restaurant has opened in town, and you’ve been hearing great news about its food and service. You sit down in the restaurant only to find that you have no menu, but a touchscreen that you can order food from at any time. Next to you, is a beautiful array of sushi steadily moving around the restaurant on a conveyor belt that is constantly stocked which you are welcome to take food from. Welcome to Kaiten Sushi Restaurants.

Conveyor Belt Sushi

Kaiten Sushi, meaning Rotation Sushi, is a fun restaurant concept that has existed for many years. It is proven to be a fun and engaging way for customers to enjoy the restaurant atmosphere and food at their pace and leisure.

Sushi chefs can place freshly made sushi onto the conveyor belt that travels by every table in the restaurant and customers can pick their own selection as it passes allowing them to eat their favorite varieties. Kaiten sushi leads to less waiting and more eating.

The Express Lane

For the customers who want sushi that isn’t available on the belt, there’s the Sushi Express Lane! Customers can notify the kitchen of what sushi they want to make a special order for and have it delivered directly to their table using a separate express lane. Your customers can get their food faster than ever without having to wait for their server to pick up and deliver their food. Engage your customers by making the process of ordering and receiving food fun and exciting.

More customers can be served thanks to the express lane streamlining the food ordering process and also increasing the customer turnover rate. Engaging your customers and making sure they enjoy both the time spent in your restaurant and the food you serve is a great way to win over your customer’s hearts. All these factors can help you increase your restaurant profits. Kaiten sushi improves your restaurant workflow to help it run at maximum efficiency. Check out our products to see how our conveyor belts can improve your restaurant.