Increasing Sales
with Self-Service

In 2014, a survey showed that 46% of respondents prefer to use a self-service POS system if made available and that number is growing every year. As more people prefer to dine-out rather than cook at home, research has shown that 71% of people aged 18-34 and 57% of people aged 35-54 would prefer to use self-service machines. By implementing new technology, you can increase your profits while also increasing the efficiency of your restaurant’s workflow.

Customers appreciate being able to conveniently pay at any time instead of waiting for a server to bring their bill

A self-service POS has a number of functions desired by customers such as allowing customization of orders, viewing pictures of the menu items, seeing specials and discounts, and ordering alcoholic beverages. These functions can help your servers focus on customer satisfaction, expedite your customer’s experience, and reduce the time it takes for ordering and payment to be completed, leading to less time spent by customers waiting for service.

Tablets and touchscreens can assist your servers by having detailed information on menu items

Research performed last year by large food chains has shown that customers are willing to spend more money when using self-service and ordering systems.

Taco Bell announced that orders made through their digital ordering systems were 20% pricier than that of those taken by human cashiers, as customers were interested in customizing and adding ingredients to their orders. McDonalds saw an overall 30% increase in average price of orders through their self-service kiosks, and 20% of customers who did not originally order a drink purchased one after being prompted by the kiosk.

Self-service systems never forget to upsell

Customers are also willing to make pricier orders when using self-service kiosks, as many people feel inhibited by their lack of knowledge or not wanting to look unsophisticated in front of others.

For example, a pizza chain saw a 14% increase in customized orders and 3% increase in calories, and a liquor store also saw an 8.4% increase in difficult-to-pronounce items. Providing self-service for customers will improve their restaurant experience and can also bring many benefits such as increasing your profit.

With all these factors that can expedite the ordering process and increase your profits, there’s no reason not to begin implementing self-service POS systems in your restaurant.