Food Delivery System

Conveyor Belts

Hybrid Conveyor Belts

The hybrid conveyor belt system utilizes the conveyor belt for constant service and express lane for personalized and special orders. Having both systems is the best choice for service in large restaurants. Serving customers becomes simple and easy with the help of these two systems.


For immediate service, customers can take their order from the conveyor belt. If your customer cannot find what they want on the belt, they can order food directly from the kitchen using the Express Lane system. Your servers will have more time making your customers comfortable.

"Bringing exemplar service to your customers every time.”

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Using a Hybrid System

Conveyor Belt

Food will always be available for customers, encouraging them to eat more.

Express Lane

Direct delivery and service makes your customers happier and eager to eat.

Efficient and Affordable

Reduces the amount of workers needed, allowing you to spend money where it’s needed.


You’ll always be able to count on the machines to provide quality service every time.

Customized Conveyer Belts

A variety of materials and designs are available for customizing your conveyor’s belt and external finish. We work closely with restaurants to help make your restaurant look impressive. Based on your restaurant’s image, pick your favorite design to personalize your conveyor belt.

Available Bullet Train Trays

Different models and coloured trays to deliver your sushi on are available for the express lane to bring your restaurant’s atmosphere and image to life. You can have express trains, race cars, or even sleek looking platforms come to a stop in front of your customers as they delightedly receive their order. Deliver your freshly made sushi with a personal touch that your customers will enjoy.

Innovating the Restaurant Industry

Fast, reliable, and efficient. The soooshi food delivery system is a new and innovative way to operating a restaurant that helps workers provide better service and keeps customers coming back. Streamline your restaurant’s workflow and serve more customers using an express delivery line!

Efficient Workflow

Streamlines the food ordering and delivery process so customers spend less time waiting for food!

Express Delivery

Sends food directly to the customer’s table while it’s still fresh and hot!

Reliable Transportation

Capable of carrying up to 4kg safely and reliably without spilling a drop!

Sleek & Modern Design

A beautiful exterior makes your restaurant look modern and takes it to the next stage in the industry!

New & Fun Concept

A new style of restaurant interaction for everyone to enjoy and have fun!

Improved Service

Relieves your workers the stress of bussing tables allowing them to focus on providing quality service!

Better Workers

Helps you save time and money on labour by training and retaining skilled workers!

Reduces Human Error

Cuts down on the chance of accidents occurring on the restaurant floor!

Why Choose Hybrid Conveyor Belts?


Food goes from the kitchen to the customer quickly without having to wait for the busser.


Bringing food from your chef to all of your customers has never been easier.


Reduces the amount of time spent delivering and ordering food, allowing your workers to polish up the skills that matter.


Delight your customers with never ending stream of delicious food.

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