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Conveyor Belt -
Monorail Sushi

Why choose our systems?


With over 7000 installations world wide no other company has more experience.


Made in Japan, with over 45 years of experience we are one of the pioneers in the industry.


Having one of the most advanced and efficient systems in the world with many patented technologies.


From creating your restaurant layout to the finished design we have the most professional team members to help your business.

Conveyor Belt - Monorail Sushi

The Monorail is what you need to reduce the amount of time your customers spend waiting for their food. Customers can order from their table using a menu that sends information to the kitchen. Once the food is ready, the order is placed onto the Monorail and delivered directly to the customer! Sushi Conveyor Belts are a fun way to engage your customers and make the restaurant experience exciting for everyone.

Our Systems

Conveyor Belt

A new and fun way to experience sushi.


Fast and reliable delivery directly to the customer.


Combine the conveyor and Monorail for premium service.

Chainless Conveyor Belt

The sleek and stylish way to showcase your food.

Food Delivery Systems

What We Offer

We get excited when can help you get off the ground with a brilliant idea. Having supplied many Japanese restaurants, we are confident in our ability to help you make your business a success with the quality products we provide.



Innovating the Restaurant Industry

Fast, reliable, and efficient. The soooshi food delivery system is a new and innovative way to operating a restaurant that helps workers provide better service and keeps customers coming back. Streamline your restaurant’s workflow and serve more customers using an express delivery line!

Efficient Workflow

Streamlines the food ordering and delivery process so customers spend less time waiting for food!

Express Delivery

Sends food directly to the customer’s table while it's still fresh and hot!

Reliable Transportation

Capable of carrying up to 4kg safely and reliably without spilling a drop!

Sleek & Modern Design

A beautiful exterior makes your restaurant look modern and takes it to the next stage in the industry!

New & Fun Concept

A new style of restaurant interaction for everyone to enjoy and have fun!

Improved Service

Relieves your workers the stress of bussing tables allowing them to focus on providing quality service!

Better Workers

Helps you save time and labour by training and retaining skilled workers!

Reduces Human Error

Cuts down on the chance of accidents occurring on the restaurant floor!

Sushi Machines

Increase the efficiency of your kitchen with Suzumo Sushi Machines! Reliable and extremely consistent, the help of these machines is invaluable. Save costs, time, and labour with Suzumo Sushi Machines!



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Taking reliable and excellent service to the next level.

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Why choose Conveyor Belts?


Food goes from the kitchen to the customer quickly without having to wait for the busser.


Helps prevent accidents and unhappy customers as food will always arrive on time.


Reduces the amount of time spent delivering and ordering food, allowing your workers to polish up the skills that matter.


Creates a fun and unique experience for all ages to enjoy.

Watch Video

Watch a quick video of how a Sushi Monorail works.
Uploaded by Zakari Tanaka filmed at Kansai Airport.

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